Sun Studys

The Facility Managers of Sacramento River Cats Stadium were looking for ways of shielding the Club seating areas from the scorching rays of the sun. Archimagine helped explore different shading options with animated studies and imagery

3d Modeling can help problem solve real world situations, providing clients with a variety of options quickly and efficiently solving complex design problems

3d images and animations allow an intuitive understanding when 2d drawings and schematics fail to connect with clients

The Sacramento River Cats were so pleased with the results they now use Archimagine to provide sun studies and imagery to help design a proposed amphitheater adjoin the ball park

What sort of sun a performer can expect to experience year around was a major concern of the Raley Field management. Year around sun studies were created to show the impact of the setting sun from the performers viewpoint.

A tent structure was also modeled to show what sort of shading it could provide and the feasibility of its use.